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The Look of Happiness

Vlad Berte

19 of September - 22 of November 2013

Solo Show by Vlad Berte

Curator Adina Zorzini

Vlad Berte (b.1985) is an emerging artist descending from the Cluj School of Art, working and living in Cluj Napoca, Romania; specialized in sculpture, the artist directs his concepts in contemporary ways by classical means of expression.

In The Look of Happiness solo show, Vlad Berte presents a series of sculptured portraits in bas-relief on granite, displaying well known personalities that appear on both local and international monetary bills, thus stating the rich and glamorous decay regarding the concept of happiness in contemporary westernized societies.

Along the Americans Benjamin Franklin, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln appear the Romanians Nicolae Iorga, I.L. Caragiale or Nicolae Grigorescu: all of these personalities are looking through the present of humanity with an empty glance, upon which the happiness of our world depends on: how much happiness can we acquire by their looks is a question to be answered by each and all of us... (Adina Zorzini)