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Framing Chronology Duo Show

Levente Herman & Sandor Szasz

28 of May - 28 of June 2013

Duo Show by Levente Herman & Sandor Szasz

Curator Adina Zorzini

Levente Herman and Sandor Szasz are two renowned international artists of Romanian origin, established in Hungary, living in Budapest and working in their Art Factory studio spaces; graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts from Budapest, both Levente Herman and Sandor Szasz master painting techniques and show a constant interest for the study of personal memories in relation to eastern European recent history.  

The Framing Chronology Duo Show, organized by Zorzini Gallery and supported by The Hungarian Institute Balassi from Bucharest and McCann Erickson Romania, comprises the latest artworks by Levente Herman and Sandor Szasz on the atmosphere theme of personal histories conceived within the larger set-up of the social, political and everyday life background in the eastern European recent past.

Thus, Levente Herman and Sandor Szasz display for the Romanian public a mirroring landscape of the socialist effect regarding the common aspects of life and general state of mind, wrapped in the mist of remembrance and aligned in a personal order of chronology frames. (Adina Zorzini)