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What We Do Is Secret

Dan Beudean

21st of June - 20th of July 2012

Solo Show by Dan Beudean

Curator Adina Zorzini

Dan Beudean is an emerging artist descending from the Cluj School of Art, Romania, and one of the most promising and sophisticated conceptual graphic artists of the country; while his drawings and installations appear easy to understand at first side, his conceptual constructions are never a one sided story, but rather a complex and profound network of thoughts and interrelated ideas that build interpretations and pose difficult questions with regard to the commonwealth of the common world.

Thus, Dan Beudean is interested in studying interregnum behavior mutations and abnormalities, physiological deviations and aberrances, social and cultural exceptions that turn into commonly accepted transgressions: ever since his first solo exhibition, Dan Beudean has shown an increased interest for these peculiar and disguised  manifestations (both human and animal) that turn in time into tolerated and generally accepted facts. Their result speaks about a form of ritual and genetic embedded alienation, about bizarre looking changes and ambiguities altering the collective perception.

In the What We Do Is Secret solo show, prepared especially for Zorzini Gallery, Dan Beudean presents to the public the synopsis of his research concerning interbreeding and crossbreeding subjects, all displayed in a highly conceptual and theatrical manner that combines drawings and installation for the set up, and in which the cuckoo bird plays both the dominatrix and master of ceremonies. Sitting in silence inside a simulacrum observation point, Dan Beudean looks upon the window and remarks the world’s anomalies, re-enacting in secret the phenomenon of mutating species. (Adina Zorzini)