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DNA - dust narrative analysis

Nicolae Comanescu

15th of March - 19th of April 2012

Solo Show by Nicolae Comanescu

Curator Adina Zorzini

In this solo show especially conceived for the opening of Zorzini gallery, DNA : Dust Narrative Analysis project, Nicolae Com─ânescu presents the most recent and also the last works belonging to his famous Dust and Powder period, which is characterized by working with unconventional materials like different types of dust, ashes and powders, including common home dust and cigarette or wood ashes, pulped leaves and pounded soil, powders obtain from brick, clay or mustard, etc, all manually processed by the artist in his studio.

Aside the pigments obtained from these natural materials, the works feature few well delimited areas of powerful acrylic hues and tones, extracted from the artist’s experience within Rostopasca group; active between 1997 and 2001, Rostopasca group had a modifying significance with regard to the contemporary Romanian art history.      

The DNA : Dust Narrative Analysis show features 11 new paintings that grow and extend into a scene painting covering all of the gallery’s walls, leading to a transgression of realities, both of a concrete space and of a specific time, and giving the project a final theatrical dimension. Thus, the first transgression resides in the trespassing of the frameworks and flooding of the exhibiting space with painted representations that continue the canvases narration, while the second one consists in switching from a long lasting image to an ephemeral representation, respectively from the canvases to the paintings of the walls, which will disappear at the end of the show.

The theme Nicolae Com─ânescu’s project concentrates on is the postindustrial landscape that the communist regime left behind in Romania as legacy of its constructive schizophrenia: the mutant architectures graft on natural terrains, the megalomaniac structures inside cities boundaries, the derailed ruins of a compulsive urbanizing impulse all over the country and abandoned after the Revolution of ‘89, all gather in the DNA : Dust Narrative Analysis story and produce a hallucinating panorama of the Romania’s recent architectural history. (Adina Zorzini)