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Incandescent Space for Incandescent Time

Dan Maciuca

16th of February - 31 of August 2017

Incandescent Space for Incandescent Time solo show indicates throughout all the comprised paintings, the artist’s assertions regarding the concepts of Space and Time within the context of his work: “The incandescent element refers to the warm light which invades the space through chromatic harmony, stimulating a primordial element in defining the depth in space… Meanwhile, the incandescent time is indicated within the final moment of the painting, after the painterly process has been fulfilled and the aesthetic and conceptual purpose is finished…The incandescent moment described in these paintings re-composes and defines the interlocking counterpoints between figurative and abstract, thus becoming the visual expression of their opposition.” (Dan Maciuca)

At the same time, Incandescent Space for Incandescent Time stands as a chromatic research, leading the artist further into his quest of color theory and composition: “I consider space to be something perceptible through sight, hearing, touch and other sensations that are physiologically transmitted to the human body… Starting from this believe, I considered color as a perceptible symptom of these sensations and I treat these sensations as symptoms of impressions, memories, narrative and conceptual associations – thus, the landscapes I describe in this series of works become a trace or an imprint of our civilizations, while the paintings are charged with lost and found or re-interpreted memories and impressions…” (Dan Maciuca)

Finally, Dan Maciuca invites the viewers into his universe, to explore the incandescent space of his fascinating and new gestural paintings…