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Self Rewild

Szabolcs Belenyi

19 February - 30 April 2016

Solo Show by Szabolcs Belenyi

Szabolcs Belenyi (b.1988) is a strong emerging artist coming from the Cluj School of Art, Romania, living in Cluj-Napoca and working in the Paintbrush Factory; the artist equally masters classical and old techniques of both painting and drawing, working in a transgressive manner at the intersection of these two mediums.

In the Self REWILD solo show, comprising drawings, paintings and mixed media artworks, Szabolcs Belenyi combines an emotional approach with analytical observations and high skills of expression, in order to comprehend and survey human efforts of re-organizing nature throughout various interventions in the conjuring habitat, which lead to ambiguous looking landscapes and distorted (un)natural perspectives.

Human nature is permanently re-shaping, re-thinking, re-configuring wilderness in a delirious between abstract and figurative confrontation, out of which our bizarre surroundings result, our industrial building frenzy develops, our everyday lives circumstances happen and the lives of our future selves appear… (Adina Zorzini)